Juan’s World: The Ref Said What?

Juan’s World: The Ref Said What?
Saints players react to the referee's missed interference call.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan’s World and I want to start by saying that I rarely blame the refs for a loss. But, man oh man, they sure did have a final say on Sunday’s Saints/Rams game. The kind of final say that just turns the stomach.

TommyLee Lewis, wheel route, defender gets to Lewis before the ball gets to Lewis. Two referees see it but the flag stayed in their pockets. Even the guy that made the hit, Rams corner back Nickell Robey-Coleman, knew he got away with a big one.

Try as Sean Payton might to argue the call, the simple fact remains that pass interference is not a reviewable play. Sean knows this because he’s on the rules committee and has vowed to address non-calls like this during the off-season.

That’s great. Maybe another team won’t be the victim of a referee swallowing the whistle at such a crucial moment. NFC Championship game and a trip to the Super Bowl going to the winner. Calls, or a lack there of, are not supposed to happen at this stage of the playoffs. Especially when you supposedly have the best of the best in zebra stripes.

But, this just served as a reminder that the ‘human’ element isn’t always going to provide the best outcome. Someone is always going to feel cheated by the call that’s made or not made.

Is it time for more technology in the game? Right now, I say yes. Tomorrow, I’ll say yes. Next month, I’ll probably still say yes. Because these kind of mistakes can’t keep happening, especially when there’s a trip to the Super Bowl riding on the outcome.

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