Saints fans finding creative ways to vent their frustration

Saints fans finding creative ways to vent their frustration

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Saints fans are finding creative ways to vent their frustration after Sunday night’s “no call," that many believe cost the team their chance for the Super Bowl.

While some are calling for action from the NFL, one local businessman is making sure his message will be front and center at the Super Bowl in Atlanta next month.

Others are expressing their outrage by signing an online petition calling for a rematch this Sunday (Jan. 28), saying the refs., “missed a blatant pass interference call against the Rams.” The petition was organized by Terry Cassereino, who said it was his way of taking a stand against what he saw as an obvious injustice.

“What he did was just dangerous and blatant pass interference you know? It’s obvious that late in the game it cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl," Cassereino said. “So, I mean it was frustrating, and after the game I was just sitting around, getting really frustrated about what could be done ,and I said 'I’m going to do a petition,”

Close to half a million people have already signed that petition and the organizer emailed it to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“It shows the passion that Saints fans have for the team and for the city, and it also shows how disgusted a lot folks are at the lack of calling at a key play like that, don’t let a lack of a penalty decide the game,” Cassereino said.

But, the biggest impact as result of that frustration might just come from local businessman, Matt Bowers, who bought a dozen billboards in eight different locations in Atlanta, with messages like “NFL Bleaux It” and “Saints Got Robbed.”

“I wanted to tell the world, every person who goes to the Superbowl, every NFL official, every movie star, every TV camera that goes there, I wanted them to know exactly how everyone in the City of New Orleans feels,” Bowers said.

Bowers said you can’t miss his signs in Atlanta. He said one of his billboards is directly in front of the stadium where everyone who goes to the Super Bowl will see it.

“They can steal the game from us. They’re not going to take our fight or our pride,” said Bowers.

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