Hearing held in federal court for lawsuit against NFL regarding Saints vs. Rams infamous match

Hearing held in federal court for lawsuit against NFL

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A hearing in the lawsuit against the NFL regarding the now infamous no-call play that many believe cost the Saints a win against the Rams earlier this month was held Monday (Jan. 28) at a federal court house in New Orleans.

Local attorneys for two Saints season ticket holders are trying to get the NFL commissioner to take action, but there are many legal questions surrounding their lawsuit, which was filed last week.

At issue, a no-call play that may have cost the Saints a chance to compete in the Super Bowl and what the NFL can do about it. Plaintiff attorney Frank D’Amico said the poorly reffed game caused damages to Saints fans, specifically season ticket holders. and that the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, should he held responsible.

“How blatant, the commissioner has the sole power and is mandated to supervise NFC championships," D’Amico said.

During the one hour hearing, D’Amico told Judge Susie Morgan that Goodell should be compelled to conduct an investigation.

Richard Voorhies was among several interested parties attended the hearing to see which way Morgan would rule.

"We need somebody to step up and do something about this travesty,” Voorhies said.

Morgan asked if the plaintiffs were seeking a class-action lawsuit or attempting to block the Super Bowl. Attorneys for the plaintiffs insisted they wanted a full investigation and for Goodell to invoke rule 17 to possibly change the outcome of the Rams’ Jan 20 championship game.

“I know the court takes it seriously we’ll see where it goes,” D’Amico said.

As the hearing went on, a Saints super-fan released his frustrations at the courthouse on Poydras and Camp streets. Inside, court attorneys for the NFL argued that Goodell was powerless to force the referee to throw a penalty flag after the missed call, with less than 1 1/2 minutes left on the clock.

The NFL attorney also insisted the commissioner has already conducted a number of inquiries into the play, which resulted in a $26,000 fine against the Rams defensive back who hit Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis early and in the helmet, but drew no penalty flag on the field.

D’amico has asked the court to send this case back to Orleans Parish civil court, where he originally filed this lawsuit.

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