Over 100 students out sick from same Marrero school

Over 100 students out sick from same Marrero school

MARRERO, La (WVUE) - A school on the west bank experienced over 100 absences Monday (Jan. 28) and is now taking action to stop the spread of an illness infecting hordes of students.

Ray St. Pierre Academy in Marrero started a thorough cleaning of the campus today after students were dismissed. School officials said 54 students stayed home sick Monday and another 56 were sent home after falling ill. Some of them complained about a stomach bug or showed flu-like symptoms.

Kristy Leonard, Ray St. Pierre parent said the high numbers of students getting sick is a cause for concern.

“Oh yeah, we’re going to go home get a good shower and some vitamin C and hope for the best,” Leonard said.

A Jefferson Parish School System spokesperson said they checked with state health officials Monday to see if they were aware of anything contagious going around in the area, but were told they were not.

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