Hagan’s House: A Saints Sunday unlike any other

Nothing can hold the Who Dat Nation down

Hagan’s House: A Saints Sunday unlike any other
Saints fans had no problem celebrating on Super Bowl Sunday. (Source: Chris Hagan)


Are Saints fans over the missed call in the NFC Championship Game? Probably not. And they probably never will be. But despite what other fan bases may tell them, that's perfectly OK. Besides, fans of other teams are lying if they say they wouldn't be just as upset if there was a blatant missed call that worked against them. The difference between those groups and Saints fans is the Who Dat Nation knows how to party on anyway.

Saints fans parade through the streets uptown on Super Bowl Sunday

I've seen what others have labeled as a "tantrum" being thrown by Saints fans last weekend. I've seen outsiders try to call it a protest. Even the name "Boycott Bowl" for the event downtown is a bit misleading. What I saw on Super Bowl Sunday in New Orleans was a celebration. It was another reason to have a great time -- something this city does very well. There wasn't the anger of a protest, but instead, it was joy and happiness that the city wasn't going to be denied by the NFL, its poor officiating or its commissioner that's making even more enemies.

Judging by the huge crowds out and about all day long, you would've never known that the Saints weren't playing in Sunday's big game. If you didn't know any better, the celebration, which started long before that snoozer between the Patriots and Rams kicked off, would lead you to believe the Black and Gold had already won it. And rather than display the final football of this season on any televisions, many bars chose to run Super Bowl XLIV in its place. I found myself watching the second half of this year's Patriots win on my phone while Saints fans cheered on Tracy Porter's pick six that sealed the win over the Colts nine years ago. And it was awesome.

So if anyone tries to tell Saints fans to get over it, they just don’t get what New Orleans is all about. Everywhere else, it was a day to watch the Patriots and Rams, two teams you may have no rooting interest in. But in the Big Easy, it was a Saints Sunday unlike any other.

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