Saints fans declare Super Bowl boycott success

Saints fans declare Super Bowl boycott success
Boycott bowl crowd from the balcony of Ernst Cafe on Fulton Alley Sunday February 3rd, 2019. (Source: Bruce Katz)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Many events across the city showed the force of the Who Dat Nation. Saints fans were ecstatic the morning after the region’s Super Bowl boycott.

The massive crowds and party atmosphere could have been mistaken for the upcoming Carnival bonanza.

“It was fabulous," said Jamie Eshleman. "It was wall-to-wall people. It was like Mardi Gras Day in the French Quarter.”

The second lines, Boycott Bowl and many other celebrations around the city had people decked out in black and gold to show solidarity.

“We celebrated as we do without any problems - no hitches, no crime, every thing in unison. That’s what we did,” said Jessica Castile.

“It was great for the city," said Elijah Polk. "It was a great help for the city - it helped with the moral.”

Fans are thrilled the protest showed up in the television ratings.

“I heard it was horrible," Castile said. "It plummeted in our area. We did it. Amazing. Way to go, Who Dat Nation!

“Wow. That’s, that’s crazy. That’s crazy! That lets you know the power of the Who Dat Nation,” James Everett said.

It's not how any fan wanted to close out the season.

“You know it’s kind of bittersweet, but we just - we had to represent for our Who Dat Nation the right way,” said Everett.

If this is the way it has to end, Eshleman said, “I think that it did a lot for our team morale and it kind of showed the rest of the world that we don’t let things get us down.”

“We are always going to come out on top because we are that kind of people,” Castile said.

In many ways, it stole the show from the major players. It showed up in pregame press conferences, what appeared to be a lackluster showing of the festive atmosphere that comes with hosting a Super Bowl, and even the play of the game itself.

"Atlanta sorry you had to take back seat to us again,” said Castile.

Feeling a little bit of vindication, the Who Dat Nation now seems ready to move on and get ready for next season.

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