Saints free agent focus: RB Mark Ingram

Saints free agent focus: RB Mark Ingram
Mark Ingram was drafted by the Saints in 2011.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Mark Ingram sits just 89 yards away from becoming the Saints all-time leading rusher, but there's no guarantee he'll be with the Saints to accomplish that feat.

Ingram was out the first four games of the season, and it was clear that he was not so easy to replace.

He can run, catch, and pass protect. Plus, he’s become a respected leader in the locker room.

But on the flip side, Ingram is 29 years old, and Alvin Kamara has surpassed him in attempts and snaps.

His future will come down to money. The market for a running back of his age is unknown. Generally speaking, backs creeping up on thirty don't get lucrative deals..

Realistically, he’s probably in the neighborhood of four to five million dollars a season. If he wants more than that, he’ll likley get it somewhere other than New Orleans. If he’s okay with that number, then he could return in 2019.

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