National Signing Day is the next step in Devonta Lee’s promising career

From Fluker, to Amite High, to LSU? Devonta Lee is ready for the next step in his football odyssey

AMITE, LA (WVUE) - On the surface, senior Devonta Lee is a touchdown maker for Amite High - a stunning athlete who can’t be stopped.

But peel back the exterior, and you’ll find a teenager playing for so much more than trophies.

“I came from nothing. I came from a small town called Fluker. I grew up in a house with rats and roaches and stuff like that. I know my family is depending on me. So I got to make it happen for them,” Lee said.

Lee and his teammates captured a state title in the Superdome only a few months ago. Now, real-life decisions take center stage: Lee will pick a college on Wednesday (Feb. 6).

“Yeah it’s a lot. There’s so many people, ‘come here, go there.’ Times are hard, and you’re going to deal with these things. It’s a big moment in my life. Just talk to my family and make the right choice,” Lee said.

Alabama, Kentucky, Texas A&M and LSU are all fighting for the 4-star recruit to be on their campus. LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron recently expressed the importance of landing Lee.

“It’s a battle. Amite is usually the first school I go to. I’ve been to Amite already. Obviously that’s an area we have to capture. We’re in a battle, that’s all I can say,” Orgeron said.

Devonta is only 18 years old, but he sure doesn’t act like your typical teenager. His sole focus is football and it’s a 24/7 job.

“Running up the road at 10 o’clock at night. Going to the weight room at 9-something because he has a key. He’ll go to the weight room and lift out or work out,” Lee’s mother, Lacresia, said. "That’s just what he like to do. He’ll get in here and work out all type of night. It’s just in him. I’ll be telling him to chill out sometime. I tell him he do to much. He said ‘naw mama I gotta get it in.’ He just likes to work out.”

Lee said to him, football is more than just a game.

“Some of these kids are out here just playing. I’m out there putting in work on the field, trying to get better every day. No days off, you got to work for what you want. You got to go take it. I can’t let no man outwork me,” Lee said.

The Wildcats, A&M, the Tide or the Tigers, Lee’s inner circle will get their final say before National Signing Day.

“Mainly my mother. You got to make sure she’s happy too. I’ve been talking to brothers, step-daddy, aunties, cousins, uncles, all of them you know. They want to see me play on the next level. Play on the next level. So I have to have everyone into it too,” Lee said.

But Lacresia said wherever Lee wants to go, she’ll to be there rooting for him.

“To be honest with you, wherever he go, I’m 100 behind him. I’m going to go wherever he go. My family as a family, they mostly want him to stay closer to home. Cause they can’t do all that traveling, cause they’re getting older," Lacresia said, laughing. “[But] He know momma behind him.”

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