LSU lands Amite’s Devonta Lee, but Ishmael Sopsher heads to Alabama

LSU lands Amite’s Devonta Lee, but Ishmael Sopsher heads to Alabama
Devonta Lee is a 4-star recruit.

AMITE, LA. (WVUE) - Devonta Lee's signing with the Tigers was a big one for Coach O on so many fronts. LSU picked up eight of the top ten recruits in the state according to Rivals. Plus, the Tigers finally nabbed a four or five-star recruit from Amite. The last time that occurred, 17 years ago with Lester Ricard.

Amite final scorecard: LSU 1-1 Alabama

“Last night I just meditated. Just cut all the lights off. Sat back and relaxed, and thought on my decision. I made my decision this morning. I talked to my parents. That was the best decision for me,” said Devonta Lee.

“We have somebody, we have Devonta. I want to get all the players in the state of Louisiana every year. Sometimes you will, sometimes you won’t. I’m glad we got the guys we want. They want to be here,” said LSU head coach Ed Orgeron.

Joe Burrow lit up the scoreboard in 2018 with a more passing-friendly offense. A huge selling point in getting Lee to Baton Rouge.

“I like how they go with the four-wides. They throw the ball, open up the offense. They run a RPO, run-pass offense, but they still throwing the ball, trying to spread it out. They were a throwing team this year. Which is the best fit for me, because I can go out there and make plays,” said Lee.

The Tigers return seven receivers that saw action in 2018. Kentwood’s Trey Palmer is also a part of the 2019 class. So the receivers room will be stacked this fall.

“Oh yes, I love competition. I’m a competitor, I like to compete man. It’s a great school. They got some great athletes. I’m coming in and giving everything I got. I’m coming in to not sit on the bench. I’m coming in to make some noise,” said Lee.

Just like Lee, Ishmael Sopsher made his decision this morning also, but he went in a different direction.

Alabama and LSU battled to the end for Sopsher’s signature, but the 5-star recruit couldn’t resist the allure of the Tide and their recent success.

“Preparation, Nick Saban being who he is. My main priorities for school was somewhere I was comfortable. Somewhere I was going to get a great education. Somewhere I was going to get prepared for the NFL,” said Ishmael Sopsher.

Sopsher and Coach O built a strong relationship that went back to middle school, but that still wasn’t enough.

“LSU was close. All due respect to them, but I had to make the best decision for me,” said Sopsher.

Lee and Sopsher go way back, so Devonta thought he had a read on Ishmael’s decision.

“Oh yes sir, very shocked, very shocked. I feel like that is a good fit for him though. He’s going to go over there and do big things,” said Lee.

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