Cpl. Totty laid to rest, remembered by law enforcement brothers

Cpl. Totty laid to rest, remembered by law enforcement brothers
Cpl. Shane Totty was killed in a motorcycle accident while leading a funeral procession.

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - If you’ve ever crossed paths with a police officer, Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul hopes you’ve noticed a can-do spirit. He says it’s part of officers well before they take the oath.

It’s the ability to take on obstacles, adapt, and overcome them. The attitude been coined “The Totty Way.”

Almost one year ago to date, Cpl. Shane Totty looked danger right in the face and didn’t flinch; he jumped from traffic accidents to a shots fired call that forced him to fight for his life.

“We ask a lot of our police officers,” the chief said. “There are many responsibilities that come with that title.”

Talk about devotion. While lying in the hospital bed recovering, the only thing on Cpl. Totty’s mind was getting back out there to serve, but in a new capacity. The chief says Totty was quiet, but intentional, so any request from him held quite a bit of weight.

“Like a lot of our officers in the department, he wanted to be part of the few, the proud, the motormen,” Chief Paul said.

Cpl. Totty had only been in the motorcycle division a year before he was killed Friday, Feb. 1.

But the impact he left is boundless. His motormen brothers held back tears, remembering what once was. They say he had unique ability.

Cpl. Totty was laid to rest Thursday, Feb. 7.

The service was held at Healing Place Church on Highland Road. A motorcade arrived with the body of the fallen officer at Healing Place just before 7 a.m.

BRPD Chief Murphy Paul Jr. spoke first at the service.

He was followed by former chief Carl Dabadie Jr.

Several of Cpl. Totty’s fellow officers in the motorcycle division spoke and shared stories.

“I rode side by side with him,” said an officer in the motorcycle division. “I can tell you firsthand how he loved being on that motor. He was just happy to be there, and it didn’t matter where we were going.”

Cpl. Totty’s commitment to the community was unwavering. His former chief, Carl Dabadie, says he didn’t set out to be a hero, he just did it.

“You have to have the desire and passion to be a motor officer,” Dabadie said. “You understand the dangers, you accept the possibilities, and yet your heart won’t let you do anything else.”

That is perhaps what made him stand out, and that is what makes doing good “The Totty Way.”

“In honor of our fallen hero, let’s make a conscious effort to do the right thing. ‘The Totty Way,’” Chief Paul said.

Cpl. Totty was buried at Greenoaks Memorial Park.

People lined the streets of the burial route, which started at Healing Place Church, made its way down Airline Highway to Florida Boulevard, and ended at Greenoaks Memorial Park.

People are encouraged to line the streets of the burial route.
People are encouraged to line the streets of the burial route.

To help Cpl. Totty’s widow and young daughter, you can find information on how to donate to the family here.


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