Juan’s World: To Play or Not to Play AD

Juan’s World: To Play or Not to Play AD
(Source: FOX 8)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan’s World and Anthony Davis should never play for the Pelicans again this season. They should sit him, in street clothes. Even go as far as tell him to stay away from the franchise. and that includes the practice facility, the arena, community events and especially the games. Just stay away. GM Dell Demps would love to tell him to stay away from suiting up for games. But, he can’t because the NBA has stepped in and said so.

If the Pelicans were to sit Davis for their upcoming nationally televised games, the league could fine the franchise $100,000 per absence. Owner Gayle Benson his not in the business of losing money. So the only alternative is to play their all-star forward and risk losing the chance to trading a healthy Davis to the highest bidder.

So break out the lucky ‘charms’ and cross your fingers, toes, eyes, legs, arms. Whatever it takes to keep this guy healthy for the final third of the season. The Pelicans future is depending on it.

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