P.J. Morton hoping to walk away with a Grammy or two Sunday night

Who is PJ Morton?

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Ten-time Grammy nominee P.J. Morton hopes to bring home at least one statue on Sunday. Morton is nominated for four Grammys this year, three in his solo career and one with the band Maroon 5.

P.J. Morton Jr. keeps it real. The video for the song "First Began" is a family affair. The song is nominated for a Grammy for Best R&B Performance.

“The song is so sincere and sweet that I wanted to make sure the visual connected to it. There’s nothing better than my kids or my wife and to show real love and it exists,” he said.

His love for New Orleans is evident. His album, “Gumbo Unplugged Live" is nominated for best R&B Album.

"It's all the songs on the album, a body of work, that's what I work for. That's my favorite award."

Morton says he owes a lot to New Orleans for inspiring him.

"I'll be bringing that gold home if I win," he said.

He grew up in New Orleans East with another Grammy nominee.

His dad, Bishop Paul S. Morton and his mother Pastor Debra Morton.

His upbringing in the church always comes out in his music.

"Oh yeah! I never want to lose that. That church is where I first felt a connection with people seeing my father connect with people and seeing him up there is to see the power of connection. Shaping peoples lives and their moods with your gift," he said.

As a child, P.J. played piano by ear. The opportunities opened up because of his talent, like earning a spot to play keyboard with the band Maroon 5. He’s been in the band nine years. The band is nominated for Best Pop Duo. They even played at the Super Bowl.

"Playing for 100 million people at one time is a dream come true for me as a musician. I worked my whole life to get to that point," he said.

The group didn't miss any notes, but some critics saw the performance as lackluster. P.J. doesn't know why.

"I guess they wanted us to flip and stand on our heads or something," he said.

“I think it wasn’t enough for some people which was OK.”

Morton’s music decisions are unique. A re-make of the Bee Gee’s “How Deep is Your Love” is nominated for Best Traditional R&B Performance.

"My test is it has to be special to me. I'm hoping it moves other people. You never know what will connect. When it does it's like a shooting star.

He isn’t done telling the story of his deep love for home.

“It shaped me. I’m a New Orleans boy through and through.”

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