Elderly couple surprised to walk into repaired home damaged in 2016 flooding

Updated: Feb. 11, 2019 at 5:22 PM CST
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It was an anxious morning for many as they waited on Robert and Abigail Moreno to arrive at their home on Prescott Road in Baton Rouge.

In mid-December of 2018, the Morenos’ home looked like many homes did months after the August 2016 flooding. The difference is many homes were repaired, while the Morenos’ home remained gutted. The couple could not afford to get their home fixed. Instead, they waited over two years before Cat and Robert Roule came into their lives because Robert is a veteran. After WAFB’s first story, numerous anonymous donors stepped up. To keep it a surprise, the Roules asked the Morenos to stay away till they told them to come back.

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"Welcome home! Welcome home!" said the Roules.

The Morenos cried and laughed as they took a look at their home for the very first time since it had been fixed.

“Oh my God, Catherine. Catherine, is this my kitchen?” asked Robert Moreno.


It was their home of 60 years, where they raised five children. Monday, they went from room to room, seeing their entire home furnished, painted, and decorated.

“Y’all have no idea what y’all have done to these old people,” said Robert Moreno.

"Here's a spare bedroom for when you have your guests come over," said Robert Roule.

“It means like a dream came true and we’re finally home,” said Abigail.

"I didn't even recognize my own home and this is where I lived for 60 years," said Robert Moreno.

The Roules made it their mission to get the Morenos back in their home. The biggest help? The community who stepped up like none other.

“I was overwhelmed. Every minute, it seemed like I was answering a phone call from somebody that wanted to help. We had multiple people that wanted to help with the same item and it was kind of like, ‘Well, you called first so you get to do it,’” said Cat.

The surprises didn’t end with just the home. The Morenos’ daughter, Debbie, drove in just to be a part of their day.


“Wait a minute, oh Debbie, oh my God! You didn’t tell me! This surprised me. You are supposed to be working,” said Robert Moreno.

It was a day the Morenos really did not see coming, but thanks to their guardian angels, the Roules, they’re finally home. They ended their day by sitting around the dining table with their great-grandchildren, ready to make new memories.

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