PARENTS: Potty training target a ‘can’t miss’ opportunity

PARENTS: Potty training target a ‘can’t miss’ opportunity
This contraption can help your toddler learn how to aim correctly. (Source:

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Bullseye. It’s a dream for parents who are potty-training toddlers.

Boys can be the biggest culprits when it comes to precise aiming – or even in the vicinity.

Now parents might have a problem solver: the Toddler Target Potty Training Bullseye Light. The gadget attaches to the lid of your toilet and shines a target into the sweet spot of your toilet bowl.

The device has a motion-censoring light and encourages kids to be independent during potty breaks.

It almost looks like a video game ... Think “Call of Doody.”

As a bonus, the device doubles as a nightlight.

If you’re interested in teaching this life skill – which men rarely master – check this out at Amazon.

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