Juan’s World: Firing of Demps shows Gayle Benson’s heart

© (AP Photo) 'Dealing' Dell Demps remained true to his reputation at the 2013 NBA Draft
© (AP Photo) 'Dealing' Dell Demps remained true to his reputation at the 2013 NBA Draft
Published: Feb. 15, 2019 at 12:03 PM CST
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -Welcome in to Juans World where I’m asking for you to hear me out.

Now is the time to thank Anthony Davis, not ridicule him.

Thank him for his seven seasons of service to the team. Ultimately, thank him for giving the franchise a chance to be better once he is gone.

His first big step out the door finally happened last night and, oh the symbolism. Davis leaving the court with an injury and never coming back.

Never...coming...back. Let those three words sink in for a minute.

Anthony Davis, the one time face of the franchise, leaving the Smoothie King Center with his Agent Rich Paul by his side as opposed to an injured Davis going back inside the arena and sitting alongside his current teammates.

That tells you all you need to know about where Davis’ mind and heart are at.

Today’s firing of GM Dell Demps is finally the answer to where Gayle Benson’s mind and heart is as well.

For a number of reasons, Demps has not gotten out of this team all that he put into it.

Was he a perfect GM? Of course not. Some of the players he brought just didn’t pan out. It wasn’t all his fault. Injuries to key players happen and the Pelicans struggled to overcome.

For the longest, The Pelicans have needed someone alongside Demps, another basketball mind, to help him build a consistent winner here.

Saints GM Mickey Loomis was not that guy even though he tried to fill the role.

So now the Pelicans have a chance to start over. With basketball minds making basketball moves that’ll make this basketball team one their fans can be proud of.

And all of this is happening because of Anthony Davis.

Him walking out on the team was their wake up call to finally make this right.

This weekend, he’ll be in Charlotte for the NBA All-Star game, and it remains to be seen if his ‘injury’ will have healed enough for him to play.

My guess is that he will be just fine and will play, in the Pelicans Jersey, perhaps for the very last time. Representing the city on the national stage, one final time.

So, thank you AD. Thanks for the memories and thanks for getting the bosses to finally wake up and smell the coffee that you’ve been brewing for the past couple of weeks.

Juan’s World, Juan’s Worlds. Excellent!!!!!

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