Pelicans fans react to ouster of GM Dell Demps

Pelicans fans react to ouster of GM Dell Demps

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - While the timing might’ve been a surprise for some, fans say ousting Pelicans General Manager Dell Demps was inevitable, especially since many blame Demps for the loss of the team’s star player.

"Possibly the best thing that could have happened to the organization," said Pelicans fan Ryan Rowe.

Fans like Rowe aren't just glad General Manager Dell Demps is out, they say it's a long time coming.

"It was due," said Pels fan James Bull.

"I think they should've gotten rid of him a lot earlier," agreed Anthony Tran.

“I feel like a lot of decisions could’ve been made sooner to keep Anthony Davis, and now he’s ready to go,” said fan Bodee Currie.

Many fans blame Demps for not putting together a better team, pushing Anthony Davis out.

“The team they constructed last year, they were really built to compete. I thought they were going to add more pieces to it and take the next step, but they went back, releasing Rondo, releasing other players that were crucial to them,” said Nathaniel Moran.

Some fans, like Moran, are convinced failing to trade Anthony Davis got Demps the boot.

"If you find out the guy didn't want to be there, why not trade him? Why keep him around?" questioned Moran.

“He should’ve done the trade. I feel like the trade would’ve been good for the city,” Rowe said.

Yet, | Times-Picayune Pelicans beat reporter Andrew Lopez said, “It’s something you can sense was coming.”

Lopez said the “no-trade” was an organizational decision, not Demps'. He said Demps was fired for everything leading up to Davis’ requested trade.

“The reasons Anthony Davis wants to leave have been kind of caused by Demps’ decisions in the past,” Lopez said. “The trades he’s made, the roster he has built has not been the best, and that’s why he wants out.”

Now, fans say they're looking forward to the next GM, hoping that person won't make the same mistakes as Demps.

“I feel like we should get a GM that’s more team-oriented, like we should put more focus into the Pelicans as we put into the Saints, because I think it would be good for the city overall,” said Currie.

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