Discarded fetus found in bloody bag in New York City

GRAPHIC: Fetus found in bloody bag in NYC

NEW YORK (News 12 Brooklyn/CNN) – An investigation is under way after a gruesome discovery of a human fetus.

Police said the remains were found near a street corner in Brooklyn on Monday morning.

It was wrapped up in a plastic bag, next to some bloody clothing.

Investigators said the fetus appeared to be about 20 weeks old.

And they’re now checking with hospitals in the city, hoping to track down the mother.

One woman said she actually saw the plastic bag on Sunday, but she didn't realize what it was.

“It’s sad and disheartening, actually,” said witness Veronica Sexton. “I actually fear for the person who was in the situation, just wondering what type of situation they were in to do such a thing.”

Police are asking anyone with information to call them.

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