Man recounts his role in saving woman from fiery wreck

As flames swallowed up a car on Airline Highway in Garyville, Bourgeios helps pull a woman to safety

GARYVILLE, LA (WAFB) - It is not exactly the way Miles Bourgeois thought he would spend his Monday morning but he is glad he was able to help save a life.

“Yeah.. it was definitely interesting,” said Bourgeois.

Interesting just does not quite capture the unbelievable cellphone video of the ordeal recorded by a passing driver. As flames swallowed up a car on Airline Highway in Garyville, Bourgeios can be seen joining three total strangers in a desperate attempt to pull a woman to safety.

Person rescued from burning vehicle

“I just pulled up on that sight and seen the fire and was thinking someone’s in that car,” Bourgeois added.

He threw his truck in park, jumped out, and what happened next was a blur of adrenaline Bourgeois can only describe as something bigger than himself taking over.

“I don’t know, it took 20 seconds or so to get there and you know it was just as soon as I seen the lady in the car, I was like ‘holy cow, there’s someone in the car’,” he recalled.

With intense flames and smoke shooting up in all directions, Bourgeois admits there was a brief moment of hesitation but he tells WAFB he was compelled to do something—anything to save the woman inside.

“It was hot and if I would have had to stay there a few more seconds, I would have probably gotten burnt. You know, for a split second I thought about my safety and after that I couldn’t live with myself if that lady burned up,” said Bourgeois.

Thanks to social media many have marveled at the men’s actions and some have even called them heroes, but it is a title Bourgeois says he does not want.

“I’m not a hero, I’m just a guy that did the right thing for fellow mankind, that’s all,” Bourgeois said. “I would expect people to do that for me.”

While the woman they rescued remains in the hospital, she is expected to be okay. Bourgeois’s only regret from the ordeal is not catching the names of the other brave men, who like him, chose to run into danger to do the right thing.

“I wish I would have caught those guys’ names because I’d like to thank them for being there too,” said Bourgeois.

The St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office is working to identify each of the men in order to honor them for their heroic efforts.

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