Police chief and attorney for NOPD officers reveals new details about downtown shootout

NOPD chief, attorneys update downtown shootout

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The New Orleans police chief and the attorney for the Fraternal Order of Police released new details about a shootout between police and a robbery suspect in downtown New Orleans.

The investigation into the fatal officer-involved shooting remains open and very active," NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said.

Donovan Livaccari is representing four NOPD officers involved in the shooting, two of which were in uniform and two undercover.

He said none of the officers were wearing body cameras during the melee. Undercover officers are not required to wear the cameras and the uniformed officers were on overtime and called in at the last minute to assist.

The officers were wearing bulletproof vests.

Police did not know the suspect’s name at the time. They only knew that he was wanted for an armed robbery and carjacking.

“The detectives had been working the case pretty hard because these armed robbery cases are important cases to solve,” Livaccari said.

The gunman was later identified by the coroner as Reginald Bursey, 32. He was allegedly connected to a gang out of Houston. The coroner said Bursey was shot several times in the torso and extremities.

Livaccari said Bursey had just used a stolen credit card at a shop on Canal St. when officers moved in. That is when the suspect fired at one of the officers. Three officers returned fire, two NOPD officers and a Louisiana State Trooper.

The gun battle started in front of the Loew’s building on Canal St.

“Their initial plan was for the uniformed officers to approach from the front and the plain clothes detectives to approach from the back," Livaccari said. The approach happened, but not at the bus stop.

Police said Bursey ran to Tulane Ave. and Elk Pl. and hid in the bushes in front of Tulane Medical Center. At that point, state police arrived on the scene and they said the suspect fired again on officers. The state trooper shot and killed him.

Investigators also returned to the scene Tuesday morning to perform a second canvass.

“With the assistance of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, a ballistic dog discovered additional evidence to further the investigation. We are also working closely with other partners including Louisiana State Police and the FBI,” Ferguson said.

The NOPD has contacted the family of the person killed in the shooting.

Meantime, Mayor LaToya Cantrell and the chief have visited with the victims and their families. Three of the people shot have been released from the hospital. The NOPD said it will continue to provide assistance to those impacted by the crime.

Mayor Cantrell speaks about downtown shooting

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