Regulators eliminate THC restrictions for medical marijuana, first batch passes state lab tests

Changes for Louisiana Medical Marijuana Program

MONROE, LA (WVUE) - A doctor who treats patients who may benefit from medical marijuana said a decision by the Louisiana Pharmacy Board is a step in the right direction when the Board of Pharmacy made changes when it comes to the allowed concentration of THC in medical marijuana.

Originally it was capped at 100 milligrams in each package, but now there's no limit.

Dr. Victor Chou treats patients with chronic illnesses and said it was important for the board to make these changes.

“Some of these patients could easily take 100 mg of THC in a day,” Chou said. “They would come away with dozens of bottles of medicine for a month.”

Chou said it will also help when it comes to how much some patients will spend.

“It’s easier for administration, but more importantly, it should reduce the cost of the product, because making a more concentrated product, if it has say 10 times the amount of product in the same size bottle, a lot of times that product doesn’t cost you 10 times as much,” Chou said.

Meanwhile, the first batch of medical marijuana passed lab tests conducted by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, or LDAF.

LSU contracts with GB Sciences to grow the product, which will still need to go through a second round of testing at a later date before it can be given to patients.

A LDAF spokesperson said the production facility also passed its inspection, but LSU can't start mass production until it passes what's called a suitability investigation, which includes civil and financial background checks.

"I don't think that the first batch will be released to patients until late summer because they will need to get into their full facility, and we have no idea when that will happen," Chou said.

According to the LDAF, the final testing on the medical marijuana will take four to six weeks. In order for medical marijuana to be ready for consumers in May, GB Sciences needs to submit the final samples before the end of March.

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