Zurik: Mayor vows to go after dollars ‘left on the table’ in overdue parking, traffic camera tickets

A FOX 8 Lee Zurik Investigation found more than $245 Million in overdue tickets and citations

Zurik: Unpaid parking tickets

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell said her office will be going after dollars that are owed to the city in many areas -- including one uncovered in a FOX 8 Investigation into overdue parking tickets and citations from traffic cameras.

An examination of data from the City of New Orleans found $245.9 Million owed to the city for tickets dating back to 2008.

Collecting on money owed to the city follows Mayor Cantrell’s latest effort to make sure the city gets its share of fees and services.

“Across the board New Orleans needs to get her fair share and we are just seeing too many examples where this isn’t taking place,” Cantrell said Tuesday in a one-on-one interview with FOX 8′s Rob Masson.

One of the biggest violators of unpaid parking tickets dating back years were FedEx delivery trucks illegally parking in the city. One truck we spotted making deliveries in the Central Business District owed more than $75,000 in parking fines. We also found trucks making deliveries with parking tickets still held in the dash.

“While we’ve been so aggressive on the residential side, I only think it’s fair to go after those dollars left on the table, by delivery companies not paying their fair share,” Cantrell said.

FOX 8′s Rob Masson asked the mayor if the city has gone after the company to pay up. The mayor told him they are “working through a process.”

”So we are fair across the board, we are not going after FedEx any different than we go after DHL, for example." Cantrell said.

The FOX 8 Investigation also found there are still some residential violators on the list including cars parked at one home that owed more than $100,000.

The city would not say whether FedEx has made any payments on the amount they owe to the city. We also reached out to FedEx for a comment to see if any action has been taken on their part, but the company did not respond.

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