Public safety leaders say they’re fully staffed, prepared for Carnival Season

Public safety leaders say they’re fully staffed, prepared for Carnival Season
NOPD Mardi Gras patrol (FOX 8 photo) (Source: FOX 8 photo)

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Local and state public safety leaders said they will be fully staffed and ready for Carnival Season after a Canal Street shootout left five people injured.

Mayor Latoya Cantrell and the heads of public safety departments said they will work together on the local, state and federal levels.

New Orleans Police Chief Shaun Ferguson said his department will be all hands on deck and stationed in large numbers in and out of uniform throughout the city. He said they will be tasked with looking for crime and guns along the parade route.

New Orleans Fire Department Chief Tim McConnell reminded people to not park too close to intersections because it hampers their ability to respond to fires. He added that ladders need to be placed 6 feet from street curbs.

The city said ladders, tents and grills should not be in intersections or between curbs, and tying ladders together and roping off areas is also prohibited.

“Drivers should be prepared to quickly move out of the way of emergency vehicles. Parade viewers must not use barbecue pits or open flame cooking devices near crowds. Barbecue pits and open flames should not be placed within 10 feet of any combustible materials, including buildings as well as tents,” McConnell said.

"We're working at almost 200 percent until Mardi Gras, as are all of our other first responders, and we have so much volunteer help from the different agencies, so I believe that we're very much prepared for this celebration," EMS Director Dr. Emily Nichols said.

McConnell also reminds parents not to leave children unattended on ladders or carry children on shoulders near the parades.

EMS responders warn people to watch their step when catching beads, because the curbs along St. Charles Avenue are higher this year.

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