Man ‘lucky to be alive’ after Dumaine St. fire

Man ‘lucky to be alive’ after Dumaine St. fire
(Source: FOX 8)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Firefighters told a 24-year-old man he was lucky to be alive. One wall separated him from a raging fire in a house in the 3300 block of Dumaine Street.

"I could have died easily if I hadn't woken up," Matt Spears said.

Spears was on his side of a burning double that lit up the sky.

“I could smell something and could hear glass shattering and stuff. When I opened my bedroom door the whole room filled with smoke,"

Spears didn’t have many options except his cell phone and a window that really led to nowhere. He was on the second floor of a camel back. He climbed on the roof and waited until firefighters arrived.

"It was raining and I was just wearing my underwear," he said.

The fire left his rented apartment in ruins. He pointed to the back of the upstairs section where vinyl siding was melted away exposing a charred interior. The worst part is one of his beloved cats died in the fire. She did not make it out of the smoke. He said he lost clothes, bedroom furniture and a lot of other material things that can’t be replaced as well. He said the clothes he had on were all he had left, except for what was in the dryer.

Spears, who is originally from Lafayette, says he’s thankful for his life and will depend on the kindness of friends and their couches to get through this.

Friends have opened a GoFundMe account in his name and his landlord’s to help them with expenses.

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