Boy finds razor blade in Happy Meal at Wisconsin McDonald’s

Boy finds razor blade in Happy Meal at Wisconsin McDonald’s
The boy's father, Scot Dymond described the item he says his son found in his Happy Meal as a scraper-type tool used to clean machines. (Source: WMTV)

COLUMBUS, WI (WMTV/Gray News) - A Wisconsin family is warning others after their 4-year-old found a scraper tool with a razor blade still attached in his McDonald’s Happy Meal, WMTV reports.

Father Scot Dymond immediately contacted the manager at a McDonald’s in Columbus, WI, after taking the tool used to clean machines away from his son Sunday. The 4-year-old reportedly found it in his Happy Meal.

“He came running out, happy to have a toy,” Dymond said. “I happened to see what it was, and I grabbed it from him.”

Dymond says he was angry and upset by what happened.

“The manager said they were sorry, and they could comp us a free meal,” he said. “I don’t want a meal. I want my kid to be safe and everyone else’s kids to be safe.”

Dymond then contacted police, who took the scraper back to the restaurant manager. The manager confirmed it is a tool used by staff.

Police believe the tool fell off a shelf that was above some open Happy Meal bags. Lt. Dennis Weiner says they don’t think this happened with any ill will, nor was someone out there trying to hurt kids.

Weiner says it’s a good idea for parents to double check bags.

“Always be aware of what you’re giving your children,” he said. “Give it an extra eye.”

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protections confirmed a complaint regarding the incident was filed Sunday. A spokesperson said a field agent is investigating.

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