Steve Gleason talking to Southwest Airlines about improving travel for people with disabilities

Steve Gleason hopes to change travel

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Former Saints player Steve Gleason said he is talking with Southwest Airlines about how to improve flying for people with disabilities after he encountered an issue getting on a flight Tuesday.

Gleason, who has ALS, took to Twitter to reach out to the airlines after he says some crew members on his scheduled flight to Phoenix weren't willing to accommodate his wheelchair and other medical needs.

He tweeted that this was his first flight on Southwest and that some of the ground crew acted rigidly as if he should not fly.

He went on to say other airlines have been very accommodating. Gleason said he wanted to have a conversation with Southwest because despite his incredible care staff, the flight almost did not happen.

Gleason was on his way to Arizona to catch a Chicago Cubs game. The team is there for spring training.

Gleason said his ultimate goal is to help others who are living with ALS fly commercially.

Southwest Airlines was very quick to reply to Gleason’s tweets, asking him to direct message them so they could chat about what happened.

Following that, Gleason tweeted that he is in conversation with the airlines and is hopeful those conversations will improve the flying experience for people who are disabled.

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