Trump autographs Bibles while touring tornado-struck Alabama, drawing divided reaction

Trump signs autographs at Alabama church

(CNN) - President Donald Trump signed Bibles for survivors of the recent deadly tornado outbreak in Alabama as he toured the area on Friday.

He and first lady Melania Trump visited a Southern Baptist Church in Opelika, and when churchgoers asked him to sign their Bibles, he did.

Some social media snipers quickly took aim at him for it.

One liberal critic, Judd Legum, tweeted: "In Trump’s defense, he wrote as much of the Bible as 'Art of the Deal.’”

And a former Hillary Clinton and John Kerry adviser, Peter Daou, tweeted that “the man whose vicious and inhumane border policy violates the fundamental teachings of Jesus is signing Bibles."

Conservatives defended the president. “Until they understand the Bible, they can spare me the faux anger. What was he to do…tell them no? That’s not the type of man he is under such tragic circumstances,” wrote Breitbart reporter Kyle Morris.

And The Washington Post talked to the Smithsonian’s curator of religion, Peter Manseau, who said former presidents, including George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, have also signed Bibles.

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