Man accused of posing as LSU athletics employee, advertising bogus job

Man accused of posing as LSU athletics employee, advertising bogus job

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Several women in the Baton Rouge area were on high alert recently, alleging a strange man posing as an LSU Athletics employee was passing out a bogus business card and advertising for a part time job.

“He gave me his card and what was suspicious right then was that when he gave me the card, he couldn’t even look me in the face,” one woman said.

This woman did not want to be identified, but claims she was approached at a car wash on Greenwell Springs Road. She says the man told her about a data entry clerk job.

“He told me to text my name to him and he would give me a call right back and he would handle everything from there,” she said.

Days later, she decided to give him a call, but that’s when she says the setup quickly went south.

“I called and he was like, ‘I’m with somebody right now, I’ll give you a call back later’ and then he asked was I the light-skinned one.”

When he called back, she tells WAFB she did not answer and that’s when the text messages started.

“He texted me and was like, ‘Well how are you doing?’ and ‘good morning’ and I was like ‘no,'” she added.

She took another look at the card and the red flags started piling up. Not only did it have a Gmail account, but the contact number is not even from the Baton Rouge area. She immediately called police and took to Facebook. The comments on her post have exploded with similar bizarre claims from other women. Some even say when they called, the job shifted from data entry to massages for current and former LSU basketball players.

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“It’s just frustrating because somebody’s trying to harm somebody, especially young women,” said Asheba Brown.

Brown was also approached at the car wash. She says she’s even more concerned because she claims he asked her to pass along his information to her friends.

“With all the sex trafficking and the kidnapping going on, it’s very scary because we may not always have a male with us or anybody with us at the time,” said Brown.

LSU spokesman, Ernie Ballard, told WAFB in a statement Wednesday, Feb. 20 they are aware of the situation and it’s now being investigated by the sheriff’s office.

“We are aware and the matter has been turned over to East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, as they are working the case. While they are posing as someone affiliated with TAF, we have not seen these distributed on campus.”

“People are crazy and obviously he’s one of them and he needs to be caught,” said Brown.

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