Machete-wielding man alarms McDonald’s customers in Kenner

Machete-wielding man alarms McDonald’s customers in Kenner

KENNER (WVUE) - Kenner Police arrested a 21-year-old man for carrying a machete into a McDonald’s restaurant.

Police say on Tuesday around 11 a.m. Edward Hayes entered the McDonald’s at 3013 Loyola Dr. He wasn’t carrying anything with him at that point, according to police.

Hayes proceeded to the back of the restaurant and sat in a booth, officers said. Minutes later he left.

A Kenner Police spokesman says a short time later Hayes re-entered the business, this time carrying a large slender object wrapped in a shirt.

An employee alerted the manager that Hayes was carrying something wrapped in a shirt. He believed it might be a gun.

Police said Hayes then approached the counter, asked for a cup of water and again sat toward the back of the restaurant.

The manager began monitoring Hayes on surveillance.

The object, still wrapped in the shirt, was placed on a table. An employee cleaning tables near Hayes observed what they believed to be the handle of a shotgun protruding from under the shirt.

At about the same time this was reported to the manager, Hayes stood up, threw the cup of water on the floor and started acting erratic, police said.

The manager immediately informed customers they needed to leave, had the employees exit the restaurant through the rear doors and called 911. A second call was made to 911 reporting there was a man armed with a shotgun.

As customers and employees exited, Hayes ran to the front counter, then out the door. Officers arrived on scene just as Hayes exited the business and were able to take him in custody.

Hayes was still in possession of the object wrapped in the shirt, which turned out to be a machete.

Police said Hayes’ motive was unclear, but had it not been for the actions of the manager, the incident could have turned into a tragic situation.

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