New Armstrong airport terminal scheduled to open May 15

New Armstrong airport terminal scheduled to open May 15

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Come May, if you’re headed to the airport, you’ll need to take a different route to get to the new terminal at Armstrong International. Travelers will now exit Loyola Drive from I-10, then cross over Veterans and get on a new airport access road. Traffic will then be split in four different lanes that will feed to both sides of the terminal.

“Won’t drive a bunch more time than what you do and expect today, but I would definitely advise that your first few times using the facility, everything is new and different, different route, allow yourself some extra time,” said Director of Aviation for the New Orleans Aviation Board Kevin Dolliole.

Construction is still very much underway at the terminal and on its surrounding streets. The state says work is being done to ease the traffic flow in the area. For the time being, an interim traffic solution is being built at Veterans and Loyola. But eventually, travelers will be able to use a flyover that connects the interstate to the terminal.

“What I would say to folks who are concerned about getting in and out of the airport, particularly those who live in this community, we’ve taken precautions in this project to make sure we have an interim traffic solution,” said Louisiana DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson. “As you can see, the fire station has been removed and we’re going to provide enough through put capacity on the surface streets to manage most of the traffic that you’re going to have traveling in and out of the airport.”

That interim traffic solution is expected to be complete by the time the new terminal opens May 15. We’re told it will be in place during the construction of the flyover and interchange. That construction is expected to take anywhere from three to four years to complete.

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