Yale is no stranger to pulling double-digit seed upsets

Yale is no stranger to pulling double-digit seed upsets
LSU basketball practices at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FL, on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. (Source: Chris Blades)

JACKSONVILLE, FL. (WVUE) - Three years ago Yale pulled a stunner in the NCAA Tournament beating Baylor as a 12-seed.

Yale is a dangerous 14-seed in the NCAA Tournament

Three years later, Yale is a heavy underdog again, this time as a 14-seed against LSU. In March Madness anything can happen, and the Bulldogs are hoping to pull off another upset on Thursday.

“We’re not afraid of anything here. We feel confident. We know the teams before us have done it. We feel like we’re capable of doing it. I think that coming here and seeing it before, it kind of put that dream into your mind, and we were lucky to have really great seniors and really great leaders before us that were able to kind of bring some clarity to that vision, and I think when you can have a dream combined with a little bit of a plan and a vision and a blueprint of how to do it, I think you can try to do something really special,” said Yale guard Alex Copeland.

“I think that once you go and you win it and you break that lid, you kind of believe. It’s hard to achieve if you don’t believe. So I think our guys in the locker room are confident about who they are and about the guys that are sitting next to them. So if you have a belief that you can win, it’s got to start there. So there’s no fear in the guys’ eyes,” said Yale head coach James Jones.

LSU is well aware of the problems Yale presents, and know Thursday's game will not be an easy 3-14 seed matchup.

“Coach Jones is a tremendous coach. He does a great job, and those guys are -- they have more experience. We have one guy that’s been in the tournament. That’s Kavell Bigby-Williams. They have five that have played in it just recently two years ago, and beat Baylor. They played Duke really, really close that second game I remember. But you look at their numbers, they scare you,” said LSU interim head coach Tony Benford.

The last time LSU made the NCAA Tournament was back in 2015. The Tigers lost to North Carolina State.

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