Around the globe Payton can’t get way from no-call

Around the globe Payton can’t get way from no-call
Sean Payton reacts to the ref's no-call on pass to Tommylee Lewis.

PHOENIX, AZ. (WVUE) - Sean Payton talked at great length about the “NOLA no-call" during the coaches breakfast at the NFL Owners Meeting.

He was open, candid and passionate about the topic. He even discussed his daily interactions from just about everyone since the NFC Championship game.

Part 1 of Payton at Owners' Meetings: From Bahamas to Turks and Caicos, everyone knows about no-call

“The reaction I’ve gotten this offseason, and mind you, I’m not really talking about Saints fans. What is interesting is how small our world is relative to sports, and probably relative to all news," said a smiling Payton.

"At the combine, every Uber you get in, or every Lyft driver you’re with, someone will look in the rear view mirror and turn around. There’s that ‘I feel so bad for you, what happened.’ That happened 150 times so far this offseason. It’s going to happen again when I go to the airport today or tomorrow. But then in the Bahamas, you think ‘alright, gonna go on vacation and it’s going to be quiet.' Then you get in the car, and there’s the two looks and a strong opinion, ya know? Turks and Caicos, each time you’re in the car or meeting someone who is real passionate about our game. Obviously, each time it’s, ‘listen, it’s alright, guys handled it, we’ll bounce back.’”

There’s a ton of talk about it here. Payton added that the competition committee proposed 6b, which would allow the coaches the chance challenge pass interference and challenge a no call if a egregious error was missed.

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