Bond denied for man accused in fatal Terrytown hammer attack

Man accused in Terrytown hammer murders denied bond

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - “I have nothing to say right now,” said Idele Rhodes.

Wearing a shirt with pictures of her deceased daughter and grandchildren, Rhodes left a courtroom in tears Tuesday (March 26). She was visibly overcome with emotion as she listened to the lead homicide detective on the case testify about how Kristina Riley’s boyfriend, Terrance Leonard, allegedly killed them.

As she was helped from the courtroom, Rhodes yelled, “I want that boy so dead.”

The detective told the court commissioner that Leonard confessed to brutally beating four children with a hammer while they slept in their beds before attacking and killing his girlfriend when she returned to the Terrytown apartment on March 6. The detective said Leonard told investigators he tried to clean up the scene, but it was “too much to clean up.” He said after the killings, Leonard brought his own mother back to the crime scene, and she called 911.

Kristina Riley and three children died from what the detective described as blunt force trauma to the head.

The sole surviving victim is a 12-year-old girl.

“We are trying to attack the state’s case at the early stage and establish that there’s no probable cause for arrest,” said Public Defender Paul Fleming.

Fleming questioned the detective about surveillance video and evidence in the case. The detective testified that family members told authorities Leonard and Riley fought a lot, and that Riley often had bruises on her body, although none of the cases was ever documented.

The commissioner established that there was probable cause to arrest Leonard, and she ordered him held without bond.

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