Election required: Felon barred as mayor of Louisiana town

Election required: Felon barred as mayor of Louisiana town

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Voters in a small Louisiana town will have to elect another mayor after the man they chose got sidelined by a new constitutional restriction on felons holding elected office.

Roy Hebron, a Democrat, turned in paperwork Monday (March 25) formally declaring that he won’t accept the office of mayor representing the town of Ball in central Louisiana.

Hebron's lawyer Charles Elliott says the filing came after the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled against Hebron and his pardon application was denied.

Hebron, a former Ball mayor, was elected on the same November ballot that voters statewide enacted a constitutional provision requiring felons to wait five years after their sentences before seeking office.

Hebron didn't meet that standard because he was under corrections supervision for a hurricane-related fraud conviction until 15 months ago.

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