Some Lakeshore residents wake up without water, power - and with a massive sinkhole

Some Lakeshore residents wake up without water, power - and with a massive sinkhole

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Some residents in a Lakeshore neighborhood woke up to no water or power and a massive sinkhole where a yard used to be in the 700 block of Topaz Street.

“We now have a 30-foot swimming pool that’s about 12 feet deep in front of our house, and the electrical box from the 50s that was built in the ground has fallen in and broke the rest of the pipe all the way. So we are now without water and power on our whole block,” Leslie Kramer said.

Kramer said it all started Friday morning, when a leak became a flood on her street.

“There was literally a river flowing down the street, and we called the Sewerage and Water Board because obviously, there was a water break, and they came out, and it took them approximately eight hours to repair the 12-inch main that runs under our sidewalk,” Kramer said.

The Sewerage and Water Board issued a statement, explaining: “The amount of water leaking from the pipes caused the ground to sink inward. Additionally, the repair compromised an Entergy electrical vault which caused a brief power outage. The power was later restored. Our teams have been working nonstop to rectify this matter.”

In order to get power back on that could have been out for days, crews used a tree to hang up a makeshift power line, to the relief of residents on the street.

"Cause we have a little puppy, and I'm like, if we have to go somewhere, we have to find a hotel that takes pets. It's French Quarter Fest weekend going into Jazz Fest weekend. It's like, this is not a good time to try to find a vacant hotel room," Ann Dwyer said.

She's worried about what may happen to the sinkhole and the exposed roots of trees facing potential bad weather.

“I hope through team efforts it’ll all be fixed, at least temporarily fixed. We can get back to life as normal,” Dwyer said.

A spokesperson with the Sewerage and Water Board said repairs are expected to be completed by the end of the weekend.

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