Countdown is on to College Football Playoff National Championship in NOLA

Countdown is on to College Football Playoff National Championship in NOLA

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The countdown for the College Football Playoff Championship in New Orleans is on.

“Although the CFP has enjoyed five great years of success, New Orleans is ready to show them how it’s done,” said Monique Morial, who is the host committee chair that brought the championship game to the Crescent City.

New Orleans has hosted a number of championship games, but Jan. 11-13 of 2020, New Orleans will host the game for the first time.

“The event has evolved into a major, almost Super Bowl-like event with music festivals with the taste of New Orleans event,” said Host Committee Executive Director Jeff Hundley.

The host committee helped secure the big game for the city.

“We had to convince them first and foremost that it was a citywide effort, that we had all parties on board. It was a competitive situation with other cities around the country,” Hundley said.

He estimates about 100,000 people will attend the CFP events, bringing millions of dollars to the economy.

"Early expectations are somewhere in the $300 million range, and that’s nothing to sneeze at these days,” he said.

There will be dozens of experiences for fans of all ages at what’s called Playoff Fan Central.

“You can go there, pass footballs, kick field goals, test your football skills,” said College Football Playoff Executive Director Bill Hancock. "There’ll be pep rally, marching band performances. Lot of food and beverages. The thing is free, fun, and family events.”

In every city that hosts the championship game, officials work to give back to the education system.

"In Tampa it was about college readiness. In Atlanta it was about early literacy. In the Bay Area it was about STEM and STEAM learning,” said Britton Banowsky, executive director of the CFP Foundation.

In New Orleans, the foundation will focus on teacher retention. The host committee raised $1 million that will help Orleans Parish teachers with supplies and other needs.

“The College Football Playoff Foundation by making investments in helping teachers with school supplies or other means they may have,” said Patrick Dobard with New Schools for New Orleans. “Small things mean a lot. Those things to help them with their classroom costs to help them in other ways will help them with other ways. It’s going to go a long way not only for our teachers but for our city.”

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