Levee District Police vehicle broken into overnight in New Orleans East

Levee District patrol vehicle broken into

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Several vehicles, including a Levee District Police vehicle, were broken into overnight in New Orleans East.

Residents woke up to broken vehicle windows in the 7700 block of Edward Street early Wednesday morning.

Deborah Gray says that her daughter’s Levee Patrol Unit was broken into and several items were taken including a protective vest.

She says she woke up and noticed the windows to the vehicle in her driveway were busted out with glass all over the ground.

At least one other car just blocks away was also broken into.

Gray says this is not the first time that car burglaries have taken place, although in the past it’s been mostly people pulling door handles. She says she is fed up with the uptick in crime in New Orleans East and is demanding that something be done.

“I’m fed up. I’ve had it. I’ve lived in the East for 40 years. We came back and rebuilt after Katrina and this is what we have to deal with? As you can see, we have iron bars, we have an alarm system. What more do I need?” says Gray. “What can I do to protect my family and my property? Just let me know. Do I need to have 24-hour watch? I’ve got a chair. Do I need 24-hour watch? Do I need to sit out here with a bat and people call me bat lady?

Gray says she is also frustrated by how vehicle break ins have been handled.

“And the problem is when they catch these youngsters, they’re juveniles or whatever, there’s usually someone 18, 19 are over them. I don’t know what the problem is, but they bring them in and then they let them out. So nothing is being done about it but you know I’m disgusted," says Gray. "What’s more frustrating when I call, not only did I say what happened, but they wanted to ask me all these questions. Now if I called and said a man dead, or a woman dead, how long would it have taken then to come here?”

As of 6 a.m., Ms. Gray says she was waiting for NOPD officers to arrive after calling them just after 4 a.m. Wednesday morning.

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