After Further Review: Five takes from Saints schedule

After Further Review: Five takes from Saints schedule
Drew Brees and Sean Payton enjoy a victory in the Superdome

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Take One: Brutal start

Houston at home, LA Rams on the road, Seattle on the road and Dallas at home. That’s four playoff teams in the first four weeks of the season. Welcome to the 2019 season, Saints. The first quarter of the season has been so crucial to the Saints in the past under Sean Payton. In the years they finished 1-3 or worse, they’ve never made the playoffs. In the years they finished 3-1 or better, they’ve always made the playoffs. In the two years they went 2-2, they made the playoffs once and missed it once.

Point being, September has always been an important month for Payton-led teams. This September looks like a doozy.

Take Two: Prime time players

This was to be expected. In fact, four primetime games is lower than the five I projected. Still, there’s no denying the NFL likes the Saints in primetime. All four opponents: Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Indianapolis should make for good games.

Take Three: Back-to-back west coast trips

The Saints will play back-to-back games on the west coast with the Rams and Seahawks. Reports have said the Saints will likely stay out west instead of coming back to New Orleans after they face the Rams. It’s a smart move to stay than fight the time zones.

Take Four: Good spot for a bye

Bye weeks are interesting. Some like them early, while others like them late. The Saints got their open date right in the middle in week nine. Eight games before; eight games after. This is an ideal spot take a break, in my opinion.

Take Five: Other Observations

- The Saints will open with a home Monday night game for the first time since 1990.

- The Saints only have nine noon kickoffs and their first one isn’t until week five against Tampa Bay. In addition to the four primetime games, the Saints also have three 3:25 pm kickoffs.

- The back end of the schedule doesn’t have the usual emphasis on divisional opponents. The Saints season finale in Carolina is the only division game in the final quarter of the season.

- I’ve been to all but two NFL stadiums and get asked a lot which one is my favorite. My answer is always the same: Seattle. The stadium is amazing, and the fans are loud but mostly friendly.

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