Louisiana shelter dogs heading to Wisconsin for adoption

Updated: Apr. 18, 2019 at 12:38 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - More than 80 Louisiana dogs are heading to Wisconsin for adoption. It’s part of non-profit Wings of Rescue’s mission to take pets from overcrowded shelters to available ones across the country.

“Unfortunately, Louisiana has tremendous overflowing situations and their shelters are incredibly overcrowded,” says Ric Browde, CEO and President of Wings of Rescue. “People do not practice spay and neuter, so dogs are dying. You have the second highest euthanasia in the country. These are highly adoptable pets who instead of passing away in shelters here are going to be given a chance for life and they’ll probably be adopted in the next two or three days in shelters in Wisconsin."

The average length of stay for these pets is three and a half days in their shelter.

Browde started doing this on a small scale in 2012 but in 2017 did his operation grow. Since then, he has transported animals from 44 states and two Canadian Providences.

“Wings of Rescue realized there’s disasters and there are overcrowded shelters throughout the country and there are shelters in other parts of the country that have empty shelters and why have pets euthanized when there are places and loving homes waiting for them,” Browde said. “What we do is we fly at risk pets from overcrowded shelters and disaster areas like the hurricanes, the wildfires, and the tornadoes and the flooding, to shelters where there’s empty kennel space and nowhere no local shelter pets are displaced by our flights."

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