Mother and two children escape with minor injuries after power pole falls on her vehicle

Pole lands on van

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A woman and her children are safe after a power pole crashed onto her vehicle.

“God was with us because it could have been horrible,” Jerilyn Schieffler said.

Schieffler was driving down Gretna Boulevard Thursday afternoon, when she says the winds picked up.

“You could actually feel the car even rocking. The rain started, my daughter screamed, ‘Mom, stop!’ I wasn’t sure why, and as soon as she said mom stop, the pole was in the front windshield,” Schieffler said.

Schieffler said she and her two kids were trapped inside the van because there were power lines all around.

“My first thing was I have to get the kids out because I was worried of a fire. I was worried that it was going to blow - just all these thoughts went through my head,” Schieffler said.

That's when bystanders jumped to action.

"The pedestrians risked their own lives for my children and I, which I am grateful, so grateful for. They touched the back of the hatch on the back and opened it, and nobody got electrocuted, thank God, and we got out, and we got to safety," Schieffler said.

Schieffler said she and her daughter walked away with some scratches, but that's a small price to pay for what could have happened.

“My son came out fine. A little scared, of course, he screamed, but my daughter has shards of glass in her legs. I have a little bit in my arm, but other than that, our guardian angels were with us, God was great and he protected us and led us to safety,” Schieffler said.

The lines from the downed pole hit another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. The son of the driver in that vehicle says the wires bounced off the SUV, causing it to fly into the air before landing again. He said his mother is in the hospital, and has a neck brace for her injuries.

Schieffler said she believes a guardian angel was watching over her and her kids.

“It could have been horrible. If that pole would have hit differently, it could have came right through my daughter. I mean, it could have killed us instantly,” she said.

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