Good Friday crawfish sales are brisk

Good Friday crawfish sales

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - People lined up to get crawfish on this Good Friday, and it'll be packed again on Easter Sunday.

Trucks full of crawfish were delivered to Dennis’ Seafood, while customers drove off with truckloads, as well.

“We have 250 pounds. We have corn, we have potatoes," Leshawn Porter said.

Porter is one of many picking up crawfish for a Good Friday boil.

“It’s very special because we get together and just have fun,” Porter said.

"We're having it this afternoon, and the whole family's coming over to celebrate Good Friday and just hang out, have a good time," Wendy O’Neil said.

It's also one of the busiest weekends for seafood markets.

"As you can see, this is the Super Bowl of the crawfish season. I mean, this Holy Week is just unreal, the amount of crawfish that's consumed," Today’s Ketch Owner Jeff Pohlmann said.

"Busiest weekend. Plenty crawfish, and the catch went up big time," Dennis’ Seafood Owner Denny Lacoste said.

Bad weather took valuable fishing time for crawfish farmers.

"The storms did affect it a little bit yesterday, because the fishermen went out for a little while in the morning, and then they had to come back in," Lacoste said.

However, he said they should still have enough for this weekend.

There's been a slow start to the season, as prices were high for some time because there wasn't enough supply. They're selling for around $2.75 per pound live.

"It's kind of balancing right now, and that's why prices have kind of stabilized, but like I said, demand this week is just out the box," Pohlmann said.

Customers say the prices have been in flux.

"It was one price just two days ago, and now, it's another price today, but it's all good. It's all for fun," Porter said.

Business owners said the catch has been better so they expect prices to drop after this weekend.

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