Mickey Loomis discusses draft trade philosophy

Mickey Loomis discusses draft trade philosophy
Executive Vice President/General Manager Mickey Loomis

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Drafting player and making trades. For the Saints, it’s in their DNA. And just about every single deal goes in one direction.

" Every year I say that we are open to trading back and trading forward and every year we trade forward, right?" Loomis said. “Obviously that’s been our history and comes from finding a player that we really like and we target that we believe can help our team, a player that we have a vision for and going and getting them.”

Thomas Morstead, Brandin Cooks, Alvin Kamara and Marcus Davenport were some of the players the Saints targeted to move up. They’ve coveted many others over the years but couldn’t land a trade. Loomis said talking to teams about trades actually happens much more than actually making trades.

" It’s been less than 50% because look, you may have a trade partner and yet you don’t see the value as eye to eye," Loomis said. " I’d say it’s less than 50%."

This draft presents its own set of challenges. The Saints first pick is 62nd in the back of the second round. Loomis acknowledged that position makes it more difficult to get into the first round. To get to the top of the first round, the Saints would have to consider using 2020 draft picks. That’s not always east but something the Saints have had success with.

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“When you’re trying to trade up, you’re trying to find a trade partner that views accumulating picks more valuable than making their pick that year. It’s just a matter of making calls and relying on relationships that you have and we’ve been able to find trade partners on occasion but there’s been times where we haven’t been able to as well.”

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