NOPD tries to address juvenile crime as Lakeview raises fees to increase patrols

Lakeview will raise fees to increase patrols

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Concern continues to grow after drivers across the city fall victim to car break-ins and burglaries.

On Thursday (April 25), the Lakeview Crime Prevention District held a regular meeting seeking more information from the NOPD.

Numbers reflect a growing problem of suspected juveniles breaking into cars throughout the city. NOPD said it has seen a 92 percent increase in auto burglaries and a 13 percent increase in auto thefts over the same time last year.

The NOPD suspects it’s a group of juveniles who roam different areas of the city committing the crimes. Their message? The juveniles are looking for firearms, cash and valuables, and their advice is to lock your doors and take your cash and firearms inside.

“This is one group of juveniles breaking into windows. We have the Lakeview residents doing a good job locking cars, but there’s one group of juveniles going around the Fifth District breaking windows,” said Sgt. Rene Benjamin.

On Thursday the Lakeview Crime Prevention District Board voted to raise the tax on residents to provide extra law enforcement patrols for the area. They voted to raise the property tax from $135 per year to $150 per year. Residents will start paying the higher amount starting in January 2020.

No one on the board of directors wanted to speak on camera, but say their budget is at capacity, and in light of all the car break-ins, they thought it was prudent to raise the fee.

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