Police say juveniles strike again Uptown

Police say juveniles strike again Uptown

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - In the 5400 block of Laurel Street Uptown, it’s happened again.

“Today, when I got out of my car and I saw the glass in the street, I knew it was related to the breaking of windows and rifling through cars that’s been going on in this neighborhood and all over the city,” says Sally Cornelson.

Online NOPD data shows officers investigated nearly 2000 vehicle burglary incidents this year across New Orleans compared to about half that during the same time period last year.

Uptown, it’s up 313 percent.

“I mean one time is one thing, but when this keeps happening over and over again people have had it happen, according to the next door app, sometimes three times. I mean I don’t know if I’d stay,” says Cornelson.

Between Sunday night and Monday morning, police say more than a dozen vehicles were hit in the 2nd district.

Investigators believe at least four juveniles used a stolen Ford F-150 King Ranch to commit the burglaries.

Police say the juveniles used a window punch device to gain entry to the vehicles. They say the young robbers took several items, including two guns.

“If these are juveniles, let’s make the parents responsible. There’s got to be some recourse for this bad behavior,” says Cornelson.

“They just got cars up and down General Pershing,” says David Jackson.

Frustration is growing, often costing the victims hundreds of dollars to replace their broken windows.

“There’s no respect for peoples hard work or property, and it’s frustrating,” says Jackson.

David Jackson and several of his neighbors became victims last week in their Uptown neighborhood on General Pershing.

Jackson’s surveillance video shows what police say are again juveniles breaking the windows of vehicles.

“I think most of the residents in the Second District are frustrated, even if they haven’t been a victim of this. I think we just wish something could be done,” says Cornelson.

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