Beau Adams and incoming freshman Arch Manning in the running for starting QB job at Newman

Beau Adams and incoming freshman Arch Manning in the running for starting QB job at Newman
Arch Manning will be a freshman this fall at Newman.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Martin Butcher etched his name in the record book at Newman, with an eye-popping 51 touchdown passes last season.

But, the two-year starter is off to Georgetown. So now it’s soon-to-be-senior Beau Adams, and incoming freshman Arch Manning, aiming for QB1 with the Greenies.

Beau Adams and Arch Manning aiming for QB1 at Newman

“I think for me with Arch, see what we have. Obviously, had a great middle school career. Worked very hard in the weight room. He’s taller, and put a lot opf strength on. I think you go out, Beau goes out there, we’ll divide it up. Everytime anybody gets in, they get equal opportunity. We script every play at practice. Divide up our inside reps, 7-on-7, our team reps. I think evaluate it, look at the film, and see where we are. It’s nice when you have two. It’s not a situation were someone is anointed going in. We have two really good quarterbacks. Both excited to coach. A little different with a freshman in this situation. Haven’t had that before,” said Newman head coach Nelson Stewart.

To get fully prepared for his freshman year at Newman, Arch didn’t play baseball this spring, and instead hit the weight room.

“He’s been in here the past few months. Up to a 160 pounds. Put 20 pounds on, he’s 6′1″ now. He’s bigger, faster, stronger. He’s never missed a workout. He’s worked very hard. Not just working out from the agility end, speed end, he’s worked very hard fundamentally. His footwork is very clean. He’s throwing the ball really well,” said Stewart.

Stewart is entering his 14th season running the Greenie program. He’s coached top talent like Odell Beckham, Jr., and played with Cooper and Peyton Manning. So he’s used to dealing with outside noise, and has a good grasp on how to handle it.

“There’s only so much you can control with recruiting, and people coming through. I think for us, it’s focusing on our program. Focusing on the weight room. We’re not about stars or highlights, who’s got what offer. It’s really about us, and building as a group,” said Stewart.

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