Family desperate to bury murdered loved one, turns to community for help

Family desperate to bury murdered loved one, turns to community for help
Joann Moore

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - A Denham Springs woman is desperate to bury her grandmother, who was murdered in late April, and is now turning to the community for help.

Danielle Audiffred’s grandmother, Joann Moore, 76, was allegedly killed by her live-in son on April 24.

Louis Moore Jr. reportedly confessed to the crime when questioned by West Baton Rouge Parish authorities just hours after his mother was reported missing. A spokesman for the sheriff’s office said he also led investigators to the body, which he allegedly dumped in a creek near his mom’s Port Allen home. Audiffred tells WAFB’s Scottie Hunter that their family was mortified by the shocking details of the case and that she never expected her uncle would be capable of something so sinister.

"We never thought he was capable of doing something like this,” said Audiffred. “They would argue about the pettiest stuff.”

The family is now wondering how they missed the warning signs. It’s a gut-wrenching burden Audiffred says now haunts them. She believes it was one of the pair’s petty arguments that went off the rails and led to her grandmother’s death. The 44-year-old lived with his mother and Audiffred says they got into it after his mother went into his bedroom to confront him about an online love interest she thought was too good to be true.

“The girl supposedly lives in Beijing. She’s beautiful and he is not beautiful by no means,” Audiffred explained. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that he had been getting catfished the whole time.”

Because it was unexpected, Audiffred says they are now struggling to find the money to give her grandmother a proper burial. They have created a GoFundMe in the hopes that the community will help.

For now, she says her grandmother’s body remains at the morgue.

“What he did to her was a total nightmare. He beat her and he shoved a long towel down her throat and I don’t understand,” said Audiffred. “How can you do that to anybody much less your own mother? And now she’s been sitting in a refrigerator since they found her." Audiffred says her family cannot even grieve properly because she doesn’t know how they will come up with the money to lay her grandmother to rest.

“She deserves better than that,” she added. “Every day it goes on and she’s sitting in there and she’s not laid to rest, it just kills us.” While she’s not sure how they will give her grandmother a proper goodbye, Audiffred says one thing is certain. She says she will never forgive the uncle she now calls a monster.

“That’s not a person. I could forgive a person, but I can’t forgive evil," she added.

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