Louisiana teacher on paid leave for allegedly hitting student with Off can

The force of the throw reportedly was hard enough to leave an impression of the insect repellent can on the boy’s stomach
Updated: May. 8, 2019 at 12:16 AM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Caddo Parish schoolteacher is on paid administrative leave and two students are left fearing for their lives.

It all started with a left-hand turn out of Donnie Bickham Middle School and ended with an educator under arrest.

The entire incident was caught on home surveillance video. It shows a chase that rolled right into the frame of the camera.

Northwood High sophomore Garrett Kennedy was driving his blue pickup and had just picked up his 12-year-old brother from Donnie Bickham Middle.

Garrett says he saw someone in his rear-view mirror driving erratically.

He finally pulled over behind Northwood High School. When he got out, he said the man started yelling and cussing.

Garrett says he recognized the man as Michael Justin Gordon — a former teacher of his at Donnie Bickham Middle.

Gordon is a teacher and coach at the middle school.

Garrett’s father, Josh Kennedy, described Gordon as a monster who snapped and acted like a bully.

Garrett describes the altercation, “He said you look like you need your *** whooped.”

The video has no sound but shows a heated exchange.

Garrett’s arms stretched wide out by his side, he said Gordon asked him if he wanted to die.

Garrett replied “I was like I am not afraid to and he stepped back to his truck and said well I am going to kill you and he reached into his truck and got what I thought what I thought it was a pistol.” Josh Kennedy told KSLA News 12 what his son told him. “He was going to f**ing kill him. When he went to go into that truck, my boys thought it was all over.”

Blanchard Police Chief Gary Presswood said it wasn’t a gun that Gordon pulled out, but a can of mosquito repellent.

Gordon is charged with simple battery, the chief says for allegedly throwing that can.

The force of the throw was hard enough to leave an impression on Garrett’s stomach.

“It is a perfect replica of a can of Off," the police chief said of Garrett’s injury. "If you have ever paid attention, it has a horseshoe-shaped nozzle where it comes out. And it is almost the perfect indentation of the top of a can of Off.”

Garrett says he believes it’s when he made a left turn out of Donnie Bickham Middle’s carpool line that caused the frustration.

Presswood says Blanchard residents have sounded off about the “left turn” before this incident. They believe it impedes the flow of traffic, although it is not illegal to turn left.

Caddo School District has placed Gordon on paid administrative leave school officials investigate further.

During Gordon’s interview with police, he reportedly cut it short and asked to speak with an attorney.

At last check, there is no court date set.

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