WATCH: Interview with Sen. John Kennedy on Presidential Visit

WATCH: Interview with Sen. John Kennedy on Presidential Visit
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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - President Donald Trump is visiting Southwest Louisiana this afternoon for a tour of the Cameron LNG plant in Hackberry and United States Senator John Kennedy (R) will be traveling with the President on Air Force One.

Sen. Kennedy says its a great honor to host the President on what will be his third trip down to Louisiana.

The Senator notes that the President is looking forward to touring the facility and returning to the state.

He says the President plans to speak on the country’s energy independence and Southwest Louisiana’s contributions in that field, “Southwest Louisiana, you know, we’re the leaders in the world in this. And I’m very proud of it. I’m happy that he recognizes it and wants to come down and celebrate our success.”

President Trump is also planning on speaking on the recent tax bill and making the case for how those tax cuts allow businesses to invest more in infrastructure, technology, and the creation of jobs.

During the trip Sen. Kennedy says President Trump will likely speak to him on a number of topics such as the state’s economic needs, the new bridge construction in Lake Charles, and how tax cuts affect businesses like the Cameron LNG plant in our area.

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