Wolf River floods major roadways, threatens homes

Near-record crest expected

Wolf River floods major roadways, threatens homes

PASS CHRISTIAN, Miss. (WVUE) - Magnolia Drive residents tried to save what they could as the water rose along the southern end of the Wolf River in Harrisson County Mississippi Monday (May 13), after weekend rains moved downstream.

Christy Estay said although the water levels are concerning, she’s staying optimistic.

“We are getting ready. We are lifting things up. We’re usually a high point on the street, but not today," Estay said. “At least with this one we’ve got time. It wasn’t like the others with the flash flooding. So yeah we’ve got time to lift things up and we’re hauling things out and moving our vehicles. So a little bit of damage to the walls, but that can be repaired.”

If her home floods, it will be the third time it takes on water.

Mathew Hataway lives a bit farther up the road and said he believes his home will be safe.

“We don’t get too worried," Hataway said. "Last time, like Isaac, we’ve got one of the highest elevations out there on our property. We just take it one step at a time.”

Hurricane Isaac in 2012 marked a record crest of 16.5 feet on the Wolf River at Bells Ferry Road.

“It hasn’t been this bad since Isaac. It’s a sobering kind of humbling moment," Hataway said.

While Hataway is not worried about his house flooding, he and his neighbors said they will likely be trapped, as one end of Bells Ferry is well inundated and water started to overtake the other end.

The water is rising fast, a fact that was evident on Menge Avenue, which was dry before noon Monday. Around 1 p.m., inches of water began creeping across the road and by late afternoon a torrent overtook the highway, making the busy route from I-10 to Pass Christian impassable.

Emergency management officials said they expect the flood to be fairly short lived. But for those directly affected, this is likely just the beginning of another long recovery.

“All we can do is just pray and hope for the best,” Hataway said.

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