S&WB: More than one pump lost power during recent severe weather

S&WB: More than one pump lost power during recent severe weather

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - More than one pump station lost power during last weekend’s severe weather, according to S&WB officials.

Originally, officials said one pump station lost power, however Pumping Station 2 had one pump trip off line because of high heat readings. It was immediately replaced.

Along with that one, officials said after the heaviest rain passed around 8:30 a.m., one pump at Station 3 and Station 4 lost power for about 10 minutes because breakers tripped.

At Station 7, Entergy said the power they source to the S&WB went off line because of lightning strikes in the area.

At the New Orleans City Council’s Utility Cable Telecommunication and Technology Committee meeting on Wednesday, Entergy leaders said there were close to 3,000 recorded lightning strikes in the metro area.

“There are times in your home when you have possibly have too much load behind one of those breakers or one of those fuses and they open up,” said Melonie Stewart with Entergy. “Maybe you’re running a blow dryer or other things or maybe you put Christmas lights outside on your house and you blow a fuse. It’s the same exact thing here. When it senses too much current it’s going to operate and that’s the way it is designed to operate to protect the equipment.”

When the outage happened at Station 7, S&WB officials said they switched to a diesel generator. Entergy said they were contacted within four minutes of the outage and sent a crew on site.

Officials said once the storm passed, the pump went back to Entergy power at around 9 a.m.

Entergy said since the lightning strokes went underground, it’s not something they can prevent in the future.

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