Trump’s Louisiana visit to promote industry, economic growth excites residents

Trump’s Louisiana visit to promote industry, economic growth excites residents

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Air Force One made a couple stops in Louisiana Tuesday (May 14).

First on the agenda was a visit to Southwest Louisiana in Cameron Parish, where the president toured a natural gas facility and touted the workers’ contribution to America becoming energy independent.

"You are making America safer by building a future of American energy independence. We are independent, we don’t need anybody. We don’t need anybody, and we don’t need to be ripped off by the rest of the world either because those days are over,” President Trump said.

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The next stop was New Orleans’ own Armstrong International airport for a private campaign fundraiser event in Metaire. Accompanied by Louisiana lawmakers, the president descended the stairs to greet some of his supporters who even in the heat, were anxiously waiting to greet him.

But not all were planning on the president’s visit. Some in Old Metairie said they were caught off guard with the sudden security and police presence.

Chaunteil Nelson works in the area and was pleasantly surprised to find out the president’s motorcade was going to drive right by her workplace.

“At first everything got blocked then someone said the president’s coming, why is he coming down Metairie road?” Nelson said. “All of a sudden people were screaming the kids across the street screaming, I felt like a child with my phone and everything. He waved at everybody, it was great,” Nelson said.

And even though it was just a passing glance, to Nelson, the Presidents’ visit meant today was a good day.

“Everyone was waving. He was waving, it was a really nice a piece of history,” she said.

The President was said to have held the private campaign fundraiser at a home located on Northline Street, which did create several road closures around the area, but all were reopened within a few hours.

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